Adult Services

Adult Outpatient Services
Adult Outpatient Program is funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health since 1977 and has been the core program of APCTC. This program offers comprehensive mental health services to individuals with mental illness. Such services include psychiatric evaluation, medication support, crisis intervention, individual, group, and family counseling, case management, family support groups, community education and consultation, and community outreach and referrals.

Wellness Center
APCTC Wellness Center provides a place for individuals who are stable in treatment to further their progress in recovery. The Wellness Center strives to empower the consumers through the recovery model by providing opportunities to develop self esteem, leadership and independent living skills. Through this mission, the Wellness Center is staffed with 50% consumers in recovery who provide support and development of curriculum/activities for the Center’s participants. Through peer support services, consumers participate in various classes geared to increase their activities of daily independent living and provide support and share similar experiences with one another. In conjunction with medication management and case management services, consumers can also receive or participate in both peer support and peer led self-help groups, health screenings, linkages and referrals.

CalWORKs Program
APCTC provides mental health services to welfare recipients who are enrolled in the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Service California Work Opportunities and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) program. This program is designed to assist CalWORKs recipients in overcoming barriers to employment such as mental health issues and to help them transition from welfare to work as well as to retain a long-term employment. Mental health services include community outreach and education, psychiatric evaluation, individual, family and group counseling and case management services.

Full Service Partnership – Adult (26-59 years old) (FSP-Adult)
The FSP-Adult program is funded by the Proposition 63 initiative, Mental Health Services Act. The program targets adults aged 26 through 59 years old who would benefit from working with a team to develop and achieve individualized recovery-focused goals. FSP-Adult program has a “whatever it takes” approach in working with clients. Our staff will utilize all available resources to help the client meet their individual recovery goal. FSP-Adult program targets those who are homeless, who have frequent contact with criminal justice system, psychiatric hospitals or receiving psychiatric emergency services, in an Institution for Mental Disease (IMD) or State Hospital or are living with family members and at risk of any of the above. Some of the services offered are counseling, assistance with arranging doctor’s appointments, obtaining housing, finance and health benefits, and 24/7 coverage for any emergency.

Full Service Partnership – Older Adult (60+ years old) (FSP-OA)
The FSP-OA program addresses the client’s physical, emotional and living situation needs. Eligibility into the program requires the adult to be aged 60 years and over. The program is a comprehensive and intensive mental health service that goes beyond the traditional scope of mental health outpatient services. Services provided are counseling in the client’s homes or communities, assistance with arranging doctor’s appointments, providing transportation assistance, housing, living arrangement and financial assistance and treatment of substance or alcohol abuse. 24/7 coverage is available for any emergency.

Adult Field Capable Clinical Services – Adult FCCS Program
The Adult FCCS program targets those adults with a serious mental illness who are at risk of incarceration, homelessness, suicide or those adults transitioning from IMD or intensive residential facilities, being released from jail and/or those who have co-occurring substance abuse, medical, developmental or cognitive disorder. Through the Adult FCCS program, a client can expect to receive a comprehensive assessment and care planning, mental health services, around the clock availability by their therapist, daily living skills management as well as limited funding for emergency issues. The program focuses on recovery through identifying goals and focusing on outcomes. Services are provided in the clinic and/or client’s home or alternative locations such as the parks, jails, residential facility or shelters.

Older Adult Field Capable Clinical Services – OA FCCS Program
Field Capable Clinical Services, also known as FCCS, are specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of older adults, ages 60 and above. FCCS provides mental health services to older adults who are unable to access services due to impaired mobility, frailty or other limitations. FCCS is a program designed for those persons who may be uncomfortable receiving mental health services in a traditional setting. Older adults who have emotional problems are eligible. Older adults can expect to receive individual or family counseling, medication services, education and support and help obtaining other needed services that are not provided by the Department of Mental Health.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program
This program is funded by the State Department of Rehabilitation to provide vocational assessment, job preparation and placement, and post placement support for our clients to make a smooth transition to employment. The program’s mission is to assist clients to overcome stigma that mentally ill persons should not or cannot work because of their disability or lack of work experience. The vocational counselors help clients bring out their strengths, alleviate the fear of employment, and educate them with up-to-date information on their welfare benefits, which may be affected as a result of the placement.

Shelter plus Care Program
This is a federally funded program administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA). Since 1993, the program has provided housing assistance to our homeless mentally ill clients by subsidizing a portion of monthly rent and on-site case management services.

Consumer Empowerment Program
As part of Community Integration, this program was established by clients who are interested in advocating consumers’ rights and needs. APCTC assists clients engage in various advocacy activities to promote mental health awareness and enhance understanding of mental illness in the community, and to help them take an active role in development of effective programs that meet unique needs of our clients receiving our mental health services.

NAMI -Asian Pacific Los Angeles
NAMI-APLA, a group of family, friends, and APCTC staff, is affiliated with California Alliance for the Mentally Ill (CAMI) and The National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI). The group meets quarterly and exchanges information that benefits mentally ill clients and their relatives. Through this meeting, the members enhance their awareness on how to live with, talk to and interact with their mentally ill relatives and friends in addition to developing support system to cope with their struggles and challenges.