Children and Family Services

Children and Family Outpatient Services
Children and Family Services provide mental health services to children and youth from 3 years old to 21 years old through a team of bilingual and bicultural staff. Our primary mission is to treat the at-risk and/or the severely emotionally disturbed children at an early stage in order to minimize impairment and permanent dysfunction. The services include psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, and assessment, medication treatment, crisis intervention, individual and family therapy, art therapy, play therapy, sand-tray therapy, problem solving/social skills building groups for children and probation youth, child abuse prevention, parenting class, community education, workshops and seminars to raise awareness of mental health and child development.

AB 1733 -Child Abuse Prevention Program
The program is funded by the Department of Child & Family Services to provide child abuse prevention & intervention for at-risk children and youth, and their families. Services include parenting education and support, individual and family counseling and case management. Parenting education seminars are provided at APCTC office, schools and various community centers.

School Based Mental Health
Children and Family Services extends its service by providing onsite counseling at various elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Los Angeles county. Our mental health professionals work closely with school personnel to enhance children’s well being, to prevent impairment, and to recuperate their level of functioning.

Caring for Our Family (CFOF) Collaborative
The Caring for Our Family Collaborative provides prevention and early intervention mental health services based on a nationally accredited evidenced-based intervention model "Family Connections".

The objective of this collaborative is to help families who are facing challenges raising their children in a healthy environment. We use the empowerment approach to help families attain a sense of control over their lives. We work with families based on their strengths and with cultural sensitivity, to promote the physical and emotional well-being of their children.

Full Service Partnerships – Children (0 – 15 years old) (FSP-Child)
The FSP-Children is a program of Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act. The FSP Program for Children is designed for a child aged 0 through 15 with a serious emotional disturbance who has been or is at risk of being removed from the home by child protective services; has a parent/caregiver with a mental illness and/or substance abuse problem; has extreme behavior problems at schools; or has been in out of home placement and is moving back into a home/community setting. Our staffs provide comprehensive, intensive mental health services for children and their families in their homes and communities and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support with urgent needs. Services provided to clients include counseling, peer support, transportation assistance, community linkage services for physical health care, financial benefit and housing service and substance abuse and domestic violence counseling and assistance.

Full Service Partnerships – Transitional Age Youth (16-25 years old) (FSP-TAY)
The FSP-TAY program is funded by the Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act. FSP-TAY is designed for youth ages 16 through 25 years old who could benefit from and are interested in participating in an intensive treatment program that can help address emotional, relationship, housing, physical health and other needs that will aid in improving functioning of the individual in the community. Services are provided in their homes and in the communities. 24/7 staff coverage is available for urgent needs. FSP TAY services include counseling, help obtaining medication, health care, finding housing, securing financial assistance, treatment for substance abuse, employment support and transportation assistance for appointments.